3.3 Generate Debug Certificate

You need to generate 2​ signing certificates​ for the Google sign-in feature. Debug certificate is required for testing purposes. If you want to test Google signing during development, then you should follow the steps. Otherwise, you can ignore it.

  • To generate a debug certificate, run this command on your terminal from your app

    root directory.

keytool -list -v \
-alias androiddebugkey -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore

If this command doesn’t work, then go to this link and copy the debug command from there according to your operating system.

  • Use ​android as a debug password when the terminal asks for a password.

  • Copy the SHA1 certificate code and go to Firebase Console > Your Project > Project Settings and click on the Android icon and then add the SHA1 code by clicking ​Add fingerprint​ button. Look at the picture below:

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