PrimeLMS is constantly being updated with new features, bug fixes, and adjustments. Below is a full listing of change log information.

Version: 1.0.3

06 June 2024

- Removed firebase legacy api and added new recommended api for firebase push notifications. [admin]
- From now, admins can edit author courses too.
- Updated with flutter latest version 3.22.1 [app & admin]

Changed Files (Admin)

New configurations for Notifications: Click here

- pubspec.yaml
- analysis_options.yaml
- web/index.html
- lib/configs/fcm_config.dart (new file added)
- lib/services/notification_service.dart
- lib/mixins/course_mixin.dart

Changed Files (App)

- pubspec.yaml
- lib/screens/quiz_lesson/option_tile.dart
- lib/screens/auth/sign_up.dart

Version: 1.0.2

23 March 2024

- Added unmark complete button to uncheck the completed lessons [app]
- Added Content Security - Disable screenshots and screen recording which is controllable from the admin panel
- Ads improvements [app]
- Fixed lesson count issues [admin]
- Fixed lesson completed percentage issue in the my courses tab. [app]
- Fixed issues on deleting account [app]
- Fixed issue on uploading thumbnails in category [admin]
- Updated with flutter latest version 3.19.4 [app & admin]

Changed Files (Admin)

- pubspec.yaml
- analysis_options.yaml
- lib/ (all files except lib/configs/app_config.dart and lib/firebase_options.dart)

Changed Files (App)

Firebase security rules changed: Update Rules

- pubspec.yaml
- android/app/build.gradle (Make sure to replace the package name at 32 & 52 no line)
- android/build.gradle
- android/settings.gradle
- assets/translations/en-US (Added a new line at the bottom)
- lib/ (all folders except configs & iAP folder)

Version: 1.0.0

24 January 2024

- Initial release

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